google referrals problems

Google blogged yesterday about problems with the referral 2.0 ads..

The topic was labelled “refferals reluctant to appear” and not we have some probs lol..

Anyway here the blog post and 5 reason why the ads might not show.. Â

    1. The particular referral ad you’ve chosen is not available in your country. When generating your code, you can view the ads available for specific countries by clicking the ‘change’ link above the referrals wizard.
    2. You’ve unselected the ‘Pick best performing ads’ checkbox for a referral where the advertiser has run out of budget or ended the campaign. To take advantage of the available inventory of related products, we recommend leaving this box checked.
    3. You’ve added more than three referral units to your page. Our current policy allows a maximum of three referral ad units on any policy-compliant page.
    4. Our system has determined that your pages contain potentially mature or sensitive content. However, as your content changes, you may begin to see referral ads appearing.
    5. The referral ad code may have been modified. Be sure to copy the code exactly as it appears in your account and paste it directly onto your pages.

The blog post also offers and contact form of which I’m about to contact due to the problems i’ve had with odd ads showing for my choosen keywords…


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