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Adwords showing inactive links ?

TweetI’ve seen this for a few days now.. On the status of one of my accounts I have  View daily budget recommendations    But you click on it and get a interesting messages  This link is … Continue reading

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Checkout the uk! At last!!

TweetCool its great news.. (a week old I know, still catching up on mi blogging here)  I’m working on a site that going to use google check so I’ll be blogging some feedback… I still spend a hour or … Continue reading

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Were expecting ? To buy the world ;)

TweetGoogle blogs about another company its bought… We’re expecting google titles the post .. hmmm To buy everyone ? First of all, we want to welcome the team from Tonic Systems to Google. Tonic, which we’ve just acquired, is based … Continue reading

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Google ranking ideas..

Tweetseomoz google ranking factors fun 🙂 Lots of opinions.. From: Aaron Wall Andy Hagans Ani Kortikar Barry Schwartz Barry Welford Ben Pfeiffer Bill Slawski Caveman Chris Boggs Christine Churchill Danny Sullivan DazzlinDonna Debra Mastaler EGOL Elisabeth Osmeloski Eric Enge Eric … Continue reading

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Beer in the after life!

TweetThis site is well… um… Below your see a beer bottle, big enough to fit a human in.. Quote from the website COF014 Beer Beer sellers go to the afterlife in their favourite brand      Others … Continue reading

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Nasty logos on adsense! (some are nice but… )

TweetGoogle been testing this a fair bit.. I really like almost all them.. Seen some perfect examples that work so so so well.. BUT … Â I just came accross this one on one of my sites which has two … Continue reading

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adsense tips from google

TweetThis came up in my adsense today.. (also in my girl friend’s) Â April 2007 Optimization Report Dear Publisher, Here is your optimization report for the month of April. After an automatic review of your sites, we think you might … Continue reading

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Free wifi from google ?

Tweet  Whats this…  Off to read up…  So cool.. Signed up . .. hehehehe 😉

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