The new world… (for me)

I can’t say to much (yet) but hope to write about a new project and hope it wil help some folk that may come accross a similar change..

Basically and massive u-turn for a site I work with from selling online to advertising online.. The traffic is very high quality and come in massive amounts with great press coverage..

Its going to be interesting and i’ll try and write a bit about the transition as I go..

One massive bonus is the amount of time this will free up which opens new doors as I’ve haven’t been interested in new clients for over 4yrs now and with spare time is can expand…

Its pretty amazing how some drunk on the train was singing “all change” something.. (I could only make out those words) this morning on the commute into london at 9am this morning and the chance you meet a new client on the train the night before.. hmmm ..



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