UK yahoo panama … Almost ready?..

Meeting at yahoo London… Â

The new awaited PPC engine from yahoo (know as panama) is almost ready to launch in the uk..

The US launch back in Feb went really well but as you know us in the UK have to wait a bit..

Looking forward to the launch 😀

Its seems yahoo is already running some new algo test in the uk so we could be days away..
More info on this algo test

Full report of everything I saw has of course been writen by our friends accross the pond..

Basically everything is here

But it was good to talk about it first hand…

Barry kicked my arse when its came to yahoo swag but its about level with google for me.. hehehee…

Hopefuly after uk I’ll be able to go back to yahoo and say “what I think” hehehe..

picy of yahoo stuff 😀



Thanks yahoo guys/girls :DÂ


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