Summer 2007 UK traffic down a little more lower than normal

Each year the traffic drops in many theme’s and this year is no exception..

Summer 2007 in the uk has had massive effects on traffic levels due to the following: (imho)

  • The rain
    This is a 50/50 as hot sunny days in the uk seem to send more traffic but with the flooding 1,000’s of people have no access to water let alone the net..
  • Harry Potter…
    omg the affect on non kids/book/harry potter sites was pretty big in the last week or two.. Not only the book but the film double trouble..
  • Forecast..
    Now I’ve mentioned rain but so many UK’ers that would holiday in the uk have been going aboard… Since the floods many holidays have gone up in price and move Hol’s have been sold compared with last yeh…


Basically the niche’s I work in are not weather,harry potter,forecasting, flooding, kids or holidays… Of course all these theme’s “should” of seen a increase and not a loss..


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