Yahoo Pricing Discounts launch in the UK

Today yahoo is now in the UK using a similar system to google regarding google’s “smart pricing” …

From today, 15th November, advertisers in the UK can benefit from discounted clicks for better quality traffic

Cool discounted clicks …

One big problem with this.. As yahoo hasn’t launched YPN in the uk then this is really only to be a tiny change.. Why?

Well… The “discount clicks” only apply to “partner distribution network” clicks.. So.. With no YPN in the uk then is a small number of site “driving” this traffic…

Don’t hold you breath for a massive increase in traffic due to this change…

 What is changing?
Previously you were charged the same amount for traffic from all websites within our partner distribution network. However, with pricing discounts, a discounting system will be introduced and you may be charged less for certain clicks than the price you would normally pay. This discount depends on the overall quality of the websites who are providing this traffic to you. As a result, your click charges may decrease


Maybe just maybe UK YPN is coming !!!

Full info here:


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