Yahoo time capsule is full of ummm stuff


From a female in her teens in Tampa, United States

I got betrayed by my first love… why …


Odd stuff I tell you…

Maybe digging a hole in the ground might be better ?

Some great advice :

Posted by allison on Fri Nov 17 15:45:33 2006some times what you think is right may not be.

Posted by Jay, bangalore, India on Thu Nov 16 06:45:18 2006Its true… People dont give the real value for real love, but the person who is in real love will be in pain… its very easy to say the time will heal, but the wound will be there for ever in the entire life… i knew the pain…..

Find out more here: Click here This one is for barry @ rustbrick (yoyo)

From a male in his 40s in Vancouver BC, Canada A wonderful trip to Tofino, BC. in May 2006. My wife, Yoyo and our dog, Coffee. Although they both left me, I still love them, always.–Gary

Click here Lots of them worth a look

And this one

Enjoy 😀



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