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Happy 1st birthday google base!

Tweet Google base has reach the age of…. 1  From google base blog.. what happened in the year.. Nice to see the uk mentioned as always 😉 – The Google Base API that enables users to query items in … Continue reading

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Yahoo Doesn’t Like most Web Publishers??

TweetGraywolf just posted over on thread watch that yahoo had a invite only party… and Google both stepped up to the plate and sponsored an all inclusive party for anyone who wanted to attend. Yahoo however held an uber … Continue reading

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Mammoth in london !!!

TweetYep thats right a mammoth.. Full size Mammoth !!! And This Mammoth was in central London (how many more times can I get Mammoth into this post ?) Â Here some pic’s… Â He’s a big Mammoth.. !!! Â Â … Continue reading

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TweetThis quote is taken from SERT and a great write up by barry from pubcon on yesterday 😀 Aaron Shear from is next up, he did not have a presentation, but took the podium. He explains that highly trafficked … Continue reading

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Cool usb stuff ..

TweetAs its xmas soon ( should it be the holidays 😉 ) I’ve been looking for cool things.. so today i’ve found.. . you guessed it another usb thingy.. This one is “cool” no one can dissagree.. Â Connection via … Continue reading

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Old meets new! Google Earth maps

TweetThis is very cool .. The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection has been added to google earth.. This morning was incredibly exciting for me: when I opened up Google Earth, there were 16 of my historic map treasures floating … Continue reading

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Coffee in the morning ?

Tweetgoogle is now asking what we start our day off with ..  Well may day starts with a cup of tea and the news on the bbc… After that a short bus ride and a short tube ride to … Continue reading

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Google accounts snapshot!

TweetSpotted over at seoptimise Kevin posted on the forums and blogged the fact that a

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Google new adwords diagnostics tool dosen’t work for me :(

TweetGoogle has released a new adwords tool that allows you to find out whats making you ads not show.. Â well my ads show but google says “NO”.. i’m .. so i’m getting clicks and imp’s and rank of 7.2 … Continue reading

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