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Beer in the after life!

TweetThis site is well… um… Below your see a beer bottle, big enough to fit a human in.. Quote from the website COF014 Beer Beer sellers go to the afterlife in their favourite brand      Others … Continue reading

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Ikea talks back to me ?

TweetI got to personal today with Anna from Ikea… She’s knows nothing about google yahoo or msn 🙁  Was hoping for some insite be she gave me nothing.. I couldn’t even find a sofa.. ah well   Â

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Google maps close up “camels”

TweetCamels.. Need I say more.. Google maps  Nothing wrong with the odd camel..

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What is the colour of a word ?

Tweet I’ve had this book marked for about 2 yrs now and just seen it in my fav’s This is a little ap that a google engineer wrote that works out the colour of a keyword.. E.g. sea = blue.. … Continue reading

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What’s happened to google ? Renamed googe for a day ;)

TweetFunny thread over on DP about the google’s valentine day logo.. It would seem the “l” is missing… hehehehe  More info here:

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email spam from danny sullivan???

TweetPlease note the email is not directly from danny himself but now spammers are using his name.. lol.. Danny asks in a email to me “Do you need want to spend LESS on your medication”.. hmmm.. If anyone else gets … Continue reading

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This was

TweetI’ve missed this omg.. anyway looked like the below on Tuesday 23rd January 2007 !   Full story Â

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Beer google seo and the internet

TweetJust read this great post started by tedster over at wmw forums 🙂 Â Here a few quote from what he’s writen in regards to missconceptions (and a drinking quote from George Orwell) 1. Page Rank is not Ranking 2. … Continue reading

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calm down calm down! Its only google earth..

Tweet Scouse’s hate google earth… Or does google has Scousers  Jenny Douglas, planning director of Liverpool Vision, explained: “The current Google Earth images show roofing work still under way at Lime Street train station. This work took place between … Continue reading

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