The google blue arrow in the serps by default

After instant google has now added the blue arrow short cut…

What is it ?

Well long long time ago (this is not a song sorry) google created keyboard short cuts in google labs see here:Â showing up top..

In labs the arrow was black and large..

This morning I was pressing the down arrow on my laptop instead of scrolling looking at some morning serps and the page didn’t move… Then I noticed a blue arrow following the results down the page..

Now the arrow is displayed once your active on the page (clicked on the page or hit enter to exit out of google suggest/instant)

The Blue arrow show on the first result of the page.. Yes the first including Sponsored results…

Screen shot below shows the no1 paid link hi-lighted with 2 other paid links below and 8 down the side. Google orders top 3 PPC ads then natural serps all 10 of them then to the right hand side column of ads..

Take look.

google blue arrow

google blue arrow

To visit the hi-lighted link hit enter. This arrow does really give more of a focus on the top spot and I’m sure the public are going to question like me why isn’t the page scrolling when I press the down arrow..

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