Google Place / Maps “We currently do not support the location “

Ever seen “We currently do not support the location” Â ??

Well this was driving my round the bend…. Â google bugged out basically for no reason..

I’ve spent a good amount of time trying to find out why and look at the advice given in the forums and FAQ on google which was all a load of crap so I thought I’d blog it to help anyone else seeing the “We currently do not support the location”

Here is the advice that didn’t work for me:

From google

Error Message: We currently do not support this location

The data on Google is always changing as we update and add more listings and details to Google. From time to time, we may need to take some information offline as we update our algorithm. Please try checking your listing periodically when you see this message. You will eventually be able to see your listing display on Google if it does not violate our Google Places quality guidelines.

So google say wait OR you are in violation of the quality guidelines which in turn = useless information (in my case)


So how did I fix it…

The fix was so simple and all the forums and google FAQ / HELP section don’t seems to off the simple next steps .

Login to your google account >> My account >> Google Places >> Edit (the not supported location listing) >> Â Fix incorrect marker location (its on the right hand side) >> Move the Marker (only a little) >> Save Changes

If this doesn’t work then yep it’s like you either have multi listings makes a mess OR your pushing google to hard and breaking it’s “quality guidelines”

I hope this will help someone as I wish I’d found this before 🙂

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