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This time last year I posted uk December trends for 2009.. Well worth a read into trends of 3 sites traffic over December 2009 and the effect of Xmas and New Year on traffic

Well some how another year has passed (don’t ask me how???) and I have some my data to share..

For the first time I’m seeing some interesting results for the 25th December… The news in the UK kept mentioning for the first time that this year  people would be logging on and buy online on xmas day the 25th..

Well this is the first year I’ve seen it happen…

Fig1 below shows some interesting results for 1 site. You can see more traffic came hit this site on the 25th vs the 24th and yes this is the first year I’ve seen this.

Why is this new?

Well the stats below are not a xmas based site OR a site with a boxing day PROMO but the change in the general media (tv news) and mass advertising on TV.

The Week before xmas you couldn’t help but see ads for the likes of argos saying about the sales starting xmas day (mid-night xmas eve) …

fig1 shows overall traffic but the below graphic is only mobile visits.

You will see a massive increase on the 25th.

So did everyone get Ipads for xmas then?

When you drilldown into the mobile devices yes you see a surge in ipad after 25th but also in Iphone’s ipods and of course a drop in blackberry (not many working you see)

So what’s changed and what should you be planing on doing for winter 2011?

From the above stats we can see a growth in online surfing/buying over the festive period vs others years.

We can also see a massive increase in mobile usage over December.

Now may be the time to start planning boxing day sales and getting ranking as the web it taking many off the streets in the uk.

Time to look at what promo your competitors are running.

Plan plan and plan some more..

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