Google – In-depth articles update and how to be included

Over the next few days google are rolling out a UI update to include “in-depth” articles.

Pandu Nayak of google who worked/designed the panda update is working on this project and posted over at insidesearch here

It’s all about the broad topic search:

To understand a broad topic, sometimes you need more than a quick answer. Our research indicates perhaps 10% of people’s daily information needs fit this category — topics like stem cell research, happiness, and love, to name just a few. That’s why over the next few days we’ll be rolling out a new feature to help you find relevant in-depth articles in the main Google Search results.

Two things I find really interesting is the mention of “perhaps 10% of people’s daily information needs fit this category” so will google be showing this to 10% of daily searchers?

The second interesting point is the fact these board search te
rms don’t show these “articles” organically and google seeing the need to help users find them.

Google have included a help centre article on how to be included in this new section which basically just includes markup. See it here


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