UK payday loans serps update?

Matt Cutts of google in his video last week announced how the next update would be big and one area it would target/look into was the uk payday loans. See the post here

Well today the search result have been updated (yes the results change all day everyday …)

Only one of the top organic results are the same.. .

Here is a screen shot of the side by side results:

[click image to enlarge]

paydayloans-updateSo has the update started? Was this down to a link network being taken down see

The one thing I find interesting is that all 9 out 10 results have changed!

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  • Para Friv

    My first time on this site, is quite impressive, I will share with my friends. Really thank you.

  • Jugar Jugar

    Article really leave much useful information for us. Thanks for your sharing.

  • Khakan

    This update has really put an end to spam and have eleminated these spammed queries which were also also causing the good loan websites to look bad

  • Cameron

    I think more of these updates should be launched by Google, so these highly spamming websites can be completely eliminated.

  • haris awais

    good one! , now the real crack down started for the payday loan websites , who are using illegal ways to rank and hampering search quality

  • Jason Marnie

    The spamming websites should be completely deleted google should even put them in the search result, they just annoy everyone.

  • Lisa Anderson

    These websites just annoy everyone and there methods of marketing and getting a higher ranking is silly and should be illegal.

  • Sally Marie

    Payday loan websites are a negative, if ran by the wrong type of people. If a person isnt corrupt and money grabbing it can be a good thing for anyone.