Could this be the end of UK serps

I’m not alone in moaning about the uk serps

Take a look at a few of these posts and plus many others..

Well.. Just now google have changed the UI on serps …


So the serps are bad already.. yes we agree on the … but google are testing a new UI in chrome only “so far”..

Google have removed the 2 radio buttons with the options  “the web” and “pages from the UK”

Here is a screen shot from firefox which seems not to be affected:

Here is the chrome home page:

Ok you might not think it “to bad” but one major thing is the serps..

As the radio button has gone google have replace it with “Show only results for United Kingdom” text link… This in a way take up more space and “could” help the uk serps out BUT not all serps have “Show only results for United Kingdom” at the top..

The screen shot below shows the “Show only results for United Kingdom” link at the bottom of a serp!

I really hope this doesn’t  stick as its seems to assume you looking for a no UK result well above a uk result and with the way the serps are already this isn’t going to help us in the UK!! :(

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