£17.36 per visitor, nice deal!

I get a lot of sales calls trying to be sold x,y,z on the web…

Some times I think running adwords can hurt more than help but I stick with it 🙂

Anyway.. I’m not here to name and shame a company that called but to try and make sense of what is being sold and hope it my help others.

Lets start with some figures that are just examples but are similar to the ones i’ve been given many times before.

Lets call it gabs-portal.

Gabs-portal get 1million unique visitors per month…

Great, sounds like a busy site..

So what’s on offer.. Well I was offered a company listing.. so its similar to any directory.. yes but you can put your logo up too.. fine (whatever)…

My first question is what sort of traffic does this section get. Â I was told just over 10%.. So 1 in 10 click on this section, sales person said yes.. Â OK great that could happen…

Q: So my ad would show up on this first main page of the section?
A: No the 3rd page.

So 3 pages is to far back… I’ll have a think…

Here comes the fun bit.. And the trick to the sales pitch.

1mil >> 10% >> 100,000 visitor per month hit this section per month..

So lots of studies have been done on google serps CTR e.g. #1 get 40%+ vs #10 getting 3% (I just picking random figures out of so many reports and heat maps on the web..

So if the 1mil and 100k was correct (which its not, your see in a min) then being #1 on this page should = 40,000 visitors a month…

(yes this is all assuming that CTR is similar to serps)

So lets assume page 2 gets 2% of the traffic, that would be 2,000 per month..

Lets assume again 2% of page 2’s traffic hits page 3, that would be 20 visitors per month.

OK so i’m at the top of page 3… great… So close to 1mil visitors per month wow.. SADLY no… top spot lets say 40% thus I would get 8 visitor a month OR 96 a year…

As I mentioned above this assumes 10% of a million = 100,000 but this is a lie… .

If a site has 1mil and 10% of its “traffic” visits section x it makes you the potential customer assume ZERO bounce rate.. WHICH IS CRAZY..

Lets be really really nice and give a 25% bounce rate..

1,000,000 * 0.75 * 0.1 * 0.02 * 0.02 *0.4 = 12 visitor per month

Lets be more real.. Lets assume a 70% bounce rate…

1,000,000 * 0.3 * 0.1 * 0.02 * 0.02 *0.4 = 4.8 visitor per month

That’s 57.6 visitor per year..

If you had to pay £1,000 for this then it would be costing you £17.36 per visitor.. WOW..

I hope this may help some people…

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