UK Snow!

So most people around the world have heard about the snow in the uk that has shut down london this monday. Well we expect more tomorrow!

I love SNOW!!Â

We don’t get much snow in the uk :(Â

Thought I’d have a looky at google trends for the uk with the term “snow”..Â

check it out click here

One odd thing is google doesn’t pick up snow uk news of which is all the news we have really had this week.

One interesting thing is that Wales come no1 for snow searches when it has fewer people and hasn’t been hit that hard vs the over populated south of the UK…Â

screen shot here:

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  • Derlierprossy

    British Airways cancelled all short-haul flights, shopping centres were
    forced to close and many motorways were blocked by heavy drifts of snow
    across much of the UK yesterday with freezing temperatures expected to
    remain for most of the week.
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