Google hates Wales (not the mammals)

Ok haven’t blogged for an age here… So now that I have a tiny amount of time I thought I’d blog a little now and again..Â

So google hates Wales…Â

Well i’ve been away snowboarding for a week as per norm this time of year and brought the snow back to the UK with me 😀 …Â

So today I thought I’d raise my PPC budget after dropping for the time i’m away.. “as per norm” ..Â

Pretty simple.. I raise the daily cap.. done..Â

Me been being bored this am I have a looky at google “Campaign Optimiser” Which states :

Your campaign’s recent performance shows that some targeted locations perform better for you than others. We recommend that you focus on those regions that have higher Click-through rates than your current average.

The Sad/funny thing is I target the UK only with this campaign thus select uk.. Simple yes ?Â

Well. Google thinks Wales is just no good for me.. Â Google suggest removing wales from my geo-targetting which would increase my CTR..Â

wired thing is it will increase CTR and result in less imp’s and clicks.. Odd..Â

Here is the map of the proposed locations:Â

This is why removing wales is better :

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  • Kizzysbro

    i hate wales to because it is just to nationalistic so i think that the new welsh goverment plan should be shut down

  • Kizzysbro

    im not gonna bother blogging any more so see ya !!!:]

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