Xmas far bigger in the UK than NYE

Diagram below show one of my sites that has steady highish traffic with no massive up’s or downs with mondays always with the most traffic hence a good site to look at for xmas/new year traffic.Â

First arrow showing 25th Decemeber which is 1/3 of the traffic of new year eve and day (second red arrow).Â

Click image to enlarge!

NYE and NYD are 1/2 of the avg traffic vs the 1/5 of traffic on xmas day.. Please note the site is UK focused..

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  • Derlierprossy

    Two traditions that have caught on in England are the Advent calendar
    and the Advent candle. The Advent Calendar originated in the 19th
    Century from the protestant area of Germany. Protestant Christian
    families made a chalk line for every day in December until Christmas
    Eve. Before long, commercial entrepreneurs started replacing the
    ephemeral chalk lines with printed calendars. The first known Advent
    Calendar is for the advent of 1851. Nowadays it is usually a thin
    rectangular card with 24 or 25 doors. The doors are numbered 1-24/25.
    Door number 1 is opened on the 1st of December, door 2 on the 2nd etc.
    Behind each door there is a Christmas scene (but the most popular ones
    have a chocolate behind each door) .
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