Online Scams, bbc highlights on dating sites

Looking for LOVE 😉

Nop nor me.. hehehee..

Today on breakfast (a news show at no other than breakfast time in the uk) a great topic about online scams kicked off..

The main focus of the article was regarding dating websites… One guy was show on TV who had forked out £12,000 (about $24,000) for a “lady” from a dating site… Now this guy was as dumb as you get to hand over £1 but hey, loads of dumb people out and about (me included durrrrrr)…

An international initiative by SOCA targeting mass marketing scams says £8 million worth of fake cheques have been seized, mainly from operations out of Nigeria. They also uncovered scams connected to online dating sites.

Basicaly men would pretend to be women (still don’t know why men need to do this) and ask for money… The money would be need to fly said woman to said dumb man in the UK.. All info over emails etc…Â hmmm..

Anyway said man will not be doing it again BUT in the interview he was all over the dating site(s) again..

If you want £12k his aka “I’ll give you £12k for free just email – 1969”


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  • I saw that this morning too, liked the bit about how the dumbass flew to Dublin to get conned yet again after already being ripped off the first time!

    If you have his email address I’ll happy pretend I’m a female half his age for £12k! 😉