Happy 1st birthday google base!

 Google base has reach the age of…. 1


From google base blog.. what happened in the year..

Nice to see the uk mentioned as always 😉

– The Google Base API that enables users to query items in Base and build their own cool mashups. Sites like Job Central, a national non-profit labor exchange, already are using the Google Base data API to include job listings from Google Base in their search results. Find a convertible car 4sale leads buyers to, yes, convertibles in Google Base, and plots their location on Google Maps

– Surfacing some Google Base results on Google when people are looking for items like used cars or pumpkin recipes

– Releasing such features as a rich text editor, reporting for clicks and impressions, and integration with Google Checkout and Google AdWords so that data providers can easily upload and manage their content and drive traffic

– Launching Google Base in the UK and Germany, so that people in these countries have a simple way to upload their data to GoogleÂ


More info here http://googlebase.blogspot.com/2006/11/happy-birthday-google-base.html
AND http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2006/11/google-base-turns-1.html

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