Google Analytics adds Social referral

 Google does keep giving but it seems only when it comes to the social world and not the search engine world.

This is the only real update from google since taking away(most) our keywords from analytic reports.

So now you can drilldown into the “social referral” as below:

[click image to enlarge]

You can also see the “Assisted Social Conversions” AND the “Last Interaction Social Conversions”.

What are  “Assisted Social Conversions” AND “Last Interaction Social Conversions”

The Social Overview Report
The Overview report allows you to see at a glance how much conversion value is generated from social channels. The Social Value graph compares the number and monetary value of all goal completions versus those that resulted from social referrals.
A visit from a social referral may result a conversion immediately or it may assist in a conversion that occurs later on. Referrals that generate conversions immediately are labelled as Last Interaction Social Conversions in the graph. If a referral from a social source does not immediately generate a conversion, but the visitor returns later and converts, the referral is included in Assisted Social Conversions.

Here is a live example report:

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