Google Analytics visitor bug for single day view

Using google Analytics  “new” interface on a single day view I have a massive bug regarding “Visits” vs “Unique Visitors”

I really can’t work out the numbers google is using?  Feel free to comment but this seems to be a “view by day” bug as the weekly/monthly the figure are fine.

Here is the screen shot:

You can see visit are just over half of the Unique visitors which is should be the other way around..

Simple maths shows the Page/visit is working …


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  • That’s pretty strange, I’m using the new interface and all is OK with my unique / daily visitors…

    Have you double checked the analytics code is set to only accept data from that particular domain, incase it could be loading data from two URLs by mistake?

    • Anonymous

      Its all been checked and is only one and only on the day view the second you change it to a date range its fine.. Fun little bug 🙂

  • Anonymous

    it is weird… but indeed when you look at the Pages/Visit seems a little logical

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  • I agree, looks like a buggy bug and you should get a prize. I think since then they’ve fixed it and changed to using the phrase, “Absolute Unique Visitors”, right? Are you running to win the race?

  • Google Analytics keeps getting better and better as it gives you great reports. It shows you the current state and status of your website were in it indicates the progress your site is doing. I also like the identification of new visitors from unique visitors. This just gives you another view were they came and how did they find your site.