Search by image Search Google with an image instead of text.

I’ve just spotted this when searching for no other than a “ray gun” of course 🙂

So brand new feature for me…

google now allows you to search with an image. You have a choice of uploading OR a url..

google will match the image and suggest its “best guess” along with “visually similar images” and “pages that include matching images”

It’s cool idea and of course you can see a simple way it will be used with products and mobile phones…

Here are the screen shots:

See the camera above..

When clicked on you see the following:

I then pasted the url of the google logo to see what came up, see below:

[click image to enlarge]

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  • Aside from being cool (wink), this is actually a nice way to optimize your website for keywords. This is also called on site optimization where you put title tags and meta tags on the pictures that you have on the website so people will know where the pics are coming from.

  • now we have image analyzing  software also.. isnt that great

  • Wonderful and innovative idea. Nowadays Image searching is become more popular among us.

  • Akter Mituakter Mitu2

    Well I could not really dig up any photo with image search that would
    show any copyright info other tan “Images may be subject to copyright.”
    like in your illustration image above.I think it a good step
    from Google, but it would be much better if they started using IPTC
    (rather additionally to EXIF). While EXIF is 99% about image creation
    data like focal length, aperture and the rest. IPTC is the data set
    designed for image handling holding much more copyright information as
    well as other metadata that could help image search like captions,
    categories and keywords as well.


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    Finding with image that’s a amazing idea….!!!!
    Google announced for 3 new searches-
    1- voice search
    2-instant search
    3-image search 

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