Yahoo Search Assist now in UK and Ireland

Today is the launch of yahoo search assist in the uk and Ireland..

Only available from Yahoo!, Search Assist goes beyond basic search “suggestions” and gives consumers real-time query suggestions as well as related topics and concepts, which is especially valuable when a person is searching on an unfamiliar topic. Â

“when a person is searching for a unfamiliar topic” OR when a seo is looking for new keywords 😉

Here is a screen shot..


Video’s and audio are also ment to be included..

Haven’t found any yet but i’m sure its working ?

In addition to the new Search Assist feature, Yahoo! Search has also introduced multimedia integration including video, audio and photos directly into the search results, allowing consumers to get their answer – whether it’s a Web link, photo, video or music clip — without leaving the page.Â

Good luck yahoo..

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