Underground link buying.. What a load of crap..

Sorry to anyone this may offend but come on…

To build links you don’t need to just go to TLA and spend $$$ or link sales in DP… So many ways to get “real” links..

Rember life before TLA ?

I blogging this cos I keep hearing people post that google is going to drive link buying “under ground” but come on.. Anyone who has built link has not just bought them.. The amount of emails I send asking for articles or competitions, you know “would you like to enter” create linkage…

But the above then suggests that that is sneaky, underhand and EVEN “underground” … At no point do any guidelines say your not aloud to approach a webmaster about the content of a site….

Super markets:
I’m not a fan of super markets but most lazy people are… 1 place to buy everything.. I really hate shopping centers (malls) why oh why…. Local shops.. small shops are much better..

So if I’m shopping in small shops then those are classified a “underground ?


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