Security issue now fixed on google optimisation proposal reports!

Monday here again,

Well last week I was forwarded a google optimisation report.. Now this is a report manual created by your adwords report with ideas and suggestions for your account to improve targetting your ads..

So being interested in what be G had to say about one of my clients accounts I click on the link of the reports…

Now the email from google start link this

Based on your advertising goals, I’ve created an optimization proposal
for UK. To review the proposed changes, go to


So I clicked on the above link which took me to the adwords login screen and automatically login me in as my tool bar was login into my account…

So how is that a security issue (bug) .. Well me gmail account has nothing to do with this client… I do have a awords account on that login but ZERO access to my clients account..Â

I think this can’t be right so I try again.. same thing … Logged into someone elses reports..

I sent the link off to a few trusted friends include Barry Schwartz over at search engine round table… All could access my clients optimisation proposal… Crazy..

This was last week and both I and barry emailed google about this before blogging about it.. The fix has already rolled out so you can no longer access other people proposal.. (fast work)


If you haven’t seen a google optimisation proposal report then here is a screen shot for you .

Here are ad groups created/amended suggestion by google


Large version see here



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