A amazing little script for adsense but…

Is this site breaking the TOS ?

 hmmm.. By the looks of it yes but maybe its a premium account holder..

Anyway it look really cool..



Here is the code that not only styles up the ads but opens the in a new window.. I’ve never seen anything like this before:

function google_ad_request_done(google_ads) { if (google_ads.length < 1 ) return; if (google_ads[0].type == 'text') { for(i = 0; i < google_ads.length; ++i) { document.write("

“); } } if (google_info.feedback_url) { document.write(“Baby Ads by Google“); } else { document.write(“Baby Ads By Google”); } }


Function is interesting.. Taken from http://www.askbaby.com/

Spotted on DP here

Screen shot :






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