New toy comes with google tools ..


I’m a bit sad really and often go to buy something for a good reason.. And today was not execption..

I need some ink for a printer so went off to buy some.. Simple.. In the back of my mind I thought about a new external hard drive after seeing the prices drop like mad the other day..

So I saw a seagate 320gb for £79 and thought wow.. Thats pretty cheap..

The only problem I had was it didn’t look very styled.. (looked like a paper shreader)

Sat next to it was the “MyBook” by Western Digital I’ve never had any problems before with WD and this one looked new and not from the 60’s


mybook western digital

Back to the seo side of this post…

The “MyBook” came with some great back up software and…. You guessed it google toolkits..

google tool kit

Google’s brand is everywhere now!!!Â


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