Dancing image on IE

Just got email this from a friend…

 Its a bit of fun and not really seo/google related but hey well worth a go..

Tested in FF and ie on a PC should work on a MAC let me know if not 😀


Visit http://images.google.co.uk/images?q=green%20trees


Then in the url bar, delete the address and paste in the following, then hit enter. Very cool (PS hit refresh to make it stop)Â Â

(tried to paste directly into this post but its not working)

View the following text file and paste the content into the address bar and a site with images.. www.seohome.co.uk/fun.txt


note: Make sure its in one line! you might need to paste into notepad or alike and remove any line breaks..ENJOY!! 😀

ADDED: If you play with the number you get some interesting results.. Take me back to uni all the maths.. ahhh :DÂ

digg it 😉

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