No such thing as Canadian Google Advertising Professionals


This was an amazing discovery.. Couldn’t believe this really..

Us in the uk are oftern out of the US loop for example the like of ypn etc..

But the norm seemed to be us/canada then EU then the rest of the world..

But this time its different..

Yep us,uk,europe, asia and afrian countries are included.. but no canada..

Here a quote from jensense

With all the countries that AdWords supports in their Google Advertising Professionals (GAP) program for becoming a Qualified Company, could Canadians be excluded from joining?

The answer is – unbelievably – yes. If you are Canadian, you cannot become a Qualfied Company in the Google Advertising Professionals program. The list of acceptable countries is here… there are 130 supported countries, including several countries I hadn’t even heard of before. But definitely no Canada. Canadians are only able to become qualified individuals.

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