Portuguese-American in Florida


 This guys is having a bad bad time…

The guardian on monday found out about some new aol id’s and jump to all sort of assumptions:

Read more:http://technology.guardian.co.uk/online/search/story/0,,1859785,00.html


Quote from the above article..Â

On April 4, for instance, user 14162375, the melancholy Portuguese-American in Florida, seems to have passed out on the keyboard at 6.20pm, when he asked, suddenly, “llllfkkgjnnvjjfokrb” then “vvvvbmkmjk” and “vvglhkitopppfoppr”. An hour later he had recovered enough to search for variations on his wife’s name – he thought she might have moved to New England. On the evening of April 16, matters came to a head. “My cheating wife,” he typed; and then, five times, “I want to kill myself,” and then “I want to make my wife suffer,” followed quickly by “Kill my wifes mistress,” “My wifes ass,” “A cheating wife”. Two days after that he was back looking for audio surveillance and bugging equipment and four weeks later he seemed to have cheered up and was looking for motorcycle insurance.Â


I don’t who to feel sorry for the wife or the husband.. I noticed the guy had “erection problems” too…


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