Top 1000 sites listed from google/double click

Loads of buzz about the double click top 1000 sites today…

You can check it out here:Â

I got some very interesting sites in the top 100 and shows how many of the sites are non US.

VirginMedia over here in the UK is number 1000..

You can see its stats here:Â


How to get into the top 1000 sites, well you need traffic and is not a much as you think..

According to the data on the above page you need..

500,000 to million page impression per day.

700,000 visitors per day (makes no sense regarding the page view but hey)

That’s about its..

So some silly maths..

If you paid google 2p per click with zero natural rankings its would cost you £14,000 per day to make it into the top 1000 🙂

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