Stealing local search to blag top spot.

I used to go to night clubs loads when I was younger and was up for “maybe” going this weekend..

My GF did the ibiza thing and love to dance…

So.. Wentร‚ to look a club I went to a few time and really enjoyed called “The Cross” just outside Kings cross in central london..

After search for “the cross” and “the cross nightclub” the offical site wasn’t showing ๐Ÿ™ …

Finally I thought i’d add london.. “the cross nightclub london” which returned google local at the top with the address of the club “BUT” the url was a club the other side of town!

I then looked up the news on “the cross nightclub” to find that its been sold off for flats ๐Ÿ™

So along came another super club pacha and took the local results for themselves along with some SEO target the natural results too..ร‚

Wonder how long it will last ?

So if you know a competitor is closing down and you want the traffic then why not blag top spot via local search..


Here is a screen shot:

The cross nightclub london

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