Yahoo answer my prayers

According to yahoopete over on SEW forums yahoo are going to ditch the minium spend for us in the UK

I’ve been asking for this for umm… Well as long as I can remeber..!

Here is a quote from the forums:

Yup, there will be no minimum monthly spend on UK accounts from August 1, 2007 onwards.

Posts from yahoopete :Â


The only problem is the uk yahoo page hasn’t been update as yet

  1. Each account requires a nonrefundable £60 initial deposit, which applies towards click charges. There is a minimum bid requirement of £0.05 per click-through. Please note that as the minimum bid depends on the specific search term, certain keywords will have a minimum bid of £0.05 and others a minimum bid of £0.10. Each account has a £20 monthly minimum spend. Â


Some of you think i’m crazy.. £20.. That’s nothing.. True but some people say have a budget of £30 a month and the traffic / clicks isn’t enough to hit the £20 mark..

It’s happened to me and others… You get a email saying that you only spent £15 but yahoo going to take £20 whatever…

Hope yahoo gets blog and contract info updated soon ?


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