Washington post..

Great look into a big site selling links..

Now when link hunting you often come accross some massive site flogging links for silly money in my opinion..

Anyway.. Barry / rustybrick blogged up on SEW about one site that i’ve come accross many times before..


Why have I come accross this site.. Well simple .. Competitors had/have bought links on the blogroll…

A discusion then started with peoples opinion on if this would pass rank to help in serps … http://forums.searchenginewatch.com/showthread.php?t=13285

Anyway the link have whats called a onlclick event.. Which calls a function that redirects the user to the advertisers site.. However 2 google employees confirm this would not pass any value in ranking..

My thoughts before this article is that it would never pass link pop for the likes of google as it need to be clean imho..

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