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google shopping geo out on mobiles

TweetSo last night I was surfing around on the Iphone looking for a new SLR digi camera. I went to google shopping (base) to have a looky… So what was wrong? I was on and the prices all came … Continue reading

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Music back on Youtube uk

TweetPRS and youtube have stuck a deal at last.. Each time you watch a music video on youtube in the uk the artist will now get some £ from youtube. In march 2009 youtube in the uk took off … Continue reading

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Lead and google earth

TweetSome negative reports from the bbc today about google earth about people using it to rob churches lead from the roofs. A wave of people taking lead from roofs of many churches and other buildings have be hitting the uk … Continue reading

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Could this be the end of UK serps

TweetI’m not alone in moaning about the uk serps Take a look at a few of these posts and plus many others.. Well.. Just now google have changed the UI on serps … WARNING THIS IS NOT … Continue reading

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Google pushing chrome on UK IE users!!

TweetWow.. Google not just adding a little link to chrome at the bottom but a massive graphic at the top of the page… Crazy…. Check out the screen shot or visit

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USA amazon Associates hit with a ban on PPC

Tweet Seem not to of hit the UK in anyway that I can find as yet and nothing new on the amazon Associates blog in the uk which is good for us but not the folks out in the USA… … Continue reading

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Xmas far bigger in the UK than NYE

TweetDiagram below show one of my sites that has steady highish traffic with no massive up’s or downs with mondays always with the most traffic hence a good site to look at for xmas/new year traffic. First arrow showing 25th … Continue reading

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UK Snow!

TweetSo most people around the world have heard about the snow in the uk that has shut down london this monday. Well we expect more tomorrow! I love SNOW!! We don’t get much snow in the uk :( Thought I’d … Continue reading

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Google hates Wales (not the mammals)

TweetOk haven’t blogged for an age here… So now that I have a tiny amount of time I thought I’d blog a little now and again.. So google hates Wales… Well i’ve been away snowboarding for a week as per … Continue reading

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Street view comes to the UK

TweetThe bbc seem to think google has started phoographing area in the UK including london see quote: Street View has already been launched in the US and includes photos of streets in major American cities. Photographing of areas in the … Continue reading

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