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Alexander Calder logo for Pi day

TweetMe being in the uk is Pi day for me. I know its not for you guys out in the USA because you write dates the wrong way  around but today is Pi day here! So what have google done, … Continue reading

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google+1 blackout 5th and 6th July 2011

TweetI’ve been watching the new google +1 metrics in google webmaster tools as added the button to one of my sites to test and see what the pros and cons are. The button has had 20 +1 which isn’t to … Continue reading

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Missing Unique Product Identifiers Effects on google shopping

TweetI love being an seo and I do love how different all my clients are… One client hasn’t yet given me the go ahead to fix the Missing Unique Product Identifiers for the google merchant feed after months of suggesting … Continue reading

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Follow up on missing from twitter search impacts

TweetOn the 8th June (this month) some 13days ago I posted about Missing from twitter search and the potential impacts. I now have more data which proves my post so you can really see the difference being in and out makes. … Continue reading

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Search by image Search Google with an image instead of text.

TweetI’ve just spotted this when searching for no other than a “ray gun” of course 🙂 So brand new feature for me… google now allows you to search with an image. You have a choice of uploading OR a url.. … Continue reading

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Missing from twitter search – the impacts

TweetOn the 8th April 2011 one of my twitter accounts got flagged and removed from twitter search and of course stopped feeding google. I had a pretty good idea about what had flagged it but twitter do not disclose the … Continue reading

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Google bug for blocked URLs

TweetI run a large forum and had a “Defamation Complaint: UK” as a member had posted about how they felt they had been scammed. I’m not going to quote as don’t want to url removed for the search results but … Continue reading

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Google celebrate 76th Birthday of Roger Hargreaves Author of Mr men

TweetToday google are celebrating the birthday of one of the most famous authors in the world. Roger Hargreaves is the creator, author and illustrator of children’s books Mr Men and Little miss. Like me you probably grow up with the Mr … Continue reading

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Google shopping now in many countries

TweetGoogle today have launch it’s famous shopping engine to many countries around the world. Before today 3 May 2011 google shopping feed only would work in the UK , Germany and USA. This is a massive change and I’m not … Continue reading

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Google Adwords UK support phone number

TweetI was just searching on good old and came across this ad for adwords: My first thought was it some seo company pretending to be google slipping under the URL radar and redirecting to some crappy site.. But no it … Continue reading

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