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Red yahoo today!

TweetRed and black gradient in the background on ? Whats it all about ? Seems to be for the film Oceans 13 to match the ad.. hmmm Screen shot:

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Panama is here! PART2

TweetBefore yahoo sent me a press release that panama was here… see here  But now I got my “offical email” with my upgrade date wooo hooo Here the email: Account XXXXXXX Will Be Ready To Upgrade on 14.06.2007 … Continue reading

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sms – read all about it.

Tweet My first read of the Sms -seo/sem mag was good… The guys over at sent me and a loads of other blog the summer addtion of sms with a nice bar of choc 🙂 … I thought its … Continue reading

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RIP slurp!

TweetAccording to yahoo’s blog its the end.. No more slurps.. Gone, retired.. finished.. Then 🙁 Â Look out for (here is come to eat your bandwidth) hehehe More info here :

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Someone call the police..

Tweet Google photos a guy in the ACT!,+CA,+USA&ie=UTF8&om=1&layer=c&cbll=37.762228,-122.417224&cbp=1,231.152235392829,0.592595123594951,2&ll=37.770274,-122.419195&spn=0.024866,0.039911&z=15  This guy going down lol.. Click here for full size screen shot

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