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Did I really ask for this ? ads are everywhere.. Over on cartoonbarry a post about a piccy of yahoo 404 and ask toilet ads made me laugh:  The thing is, London is covered in the ask / “75% of online information goes through … Continue reading

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Google search with no ads

TweetInteresting spot by a member on dp forum of a url on google that returns serps with no ads..  Simple as that !  No ad blocker need.. More info here

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A amazing little script for adsense but…

TweetIs this site breaking the TOS ? Â hmmm.. By the looks of it yes but maybe its a premium account holder.. Anyway it look really cool.. Â Â Here is the code that not only styles up the ads … Continue reading

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MySpace buying more space!

TweetWow.. MySpace buying photobucket! $250 mil.. nice.. Photobucket has some 40 million users world wide… Full report over @

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Rocks = more blogs

TweetNeed to blog more ? Try blog rocks 🙂 Â Â

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virgin.. no virgin to the top 20 serps

TweetVirgin cover 100% of the first 2 pages of the search term virgin… Right up to #23 in the serps.. That pretty impressive .. Just don’t look at google image results..,GGLG:2005-32,GGLG:en&q=virgin Â

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Google products in the serps AHHH!

TweetWhats an affiliate ment to do now! See here  Another close up  Really not that happy about this.. Hope that google sort out the robots.txt hmmm Â

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Grey PR on all new pages even after being indexed..

Tweet Yesterday I posted about the grey bar for new page in which my meaning of new was unindexed pages.. OK .. My thinking was the fact once indexed the page will go to pr0 fine.. So today i’ve … Continue reading

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Grey bar for new pages.

TweetToolbar Page rank has gone grey this morning for non indexed pages.. Â First spotted this on forum “new” link which on vbulletin forum return a search id and listed the latest forum post.. The page isn’t index by google … Continue reading

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New alexa t-shirt for amazon ;)

TweetAfter reporting the site command and sup’s in the uk here  Tamar @ SERT posted this I went and had a looky at the amazon sup’s and found 42.9 million from here.. Now that’s something to be … Continue reading

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