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No such thing as Canadian Google Advertising Professionals

Tweet This was an amazing discovery.. Couldn’t believe this really.. Us in the uk are oftern out of the US loop for example the like of ypn etc.. But the norm seemed to be us/canada then EU then the rest … Continue reading

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Google gadgets

TweetI’ve posted about google’s gadgets before.. And it back.. so if your a student and live in the US then you can enter your google home page / google desktop gadgets .. Good luck.  About the awards:  … Continue reading

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Google analytics oddness ?

TweetA mate just IM’ed me to say “how can I get my analytics code, google keeps hanging”. He then got this message : Google Analytics reporting is currently undergoing maintenance and will be available shortly. Your site traffic is being … Continue reading

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o oo ooo oooo ooooo oooooo ooooooo google ranking odd

TweetJust looked in my logs for today and i’m getting visitors from google whom are type in “ooooo” Â Why is someone type that in.. I’m lost ?? It only comes up it you search with the uk sites … Continue reading

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londonseo meet ups – sept 2006

TweetMuch beer, chatting and meeting new seo people.. Only took 1 picture of peoples back lol.. Anyway here its is 😀  Big thanks to Robert Kerry (evilgreenmonkey) Big thanks to the sponsors Â

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Google Calender on the homepage.

TweetI guess that google after more and more info on what people are doing day by day.. Â Scary stuff. 😉 Its is a very cool system imho.. But then.. letting big g know when and what i’m doing.. Plus … Continue reading

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“Monkey Pay-Per-View”.

TweetWow.. Paris hilton.. say no more  And on the question of whether Paris Hilton would give up her Juicy Juice for a shufti at Angelina Jolie’s hind quarters, the Duke University scientists confirmed that “celebrity” monkeys were just as … Continue reading

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YPN update..

TweetWell dosen’t effect me 🙁  uk ypn come on!!!! We are not all spammers in the uk.. Anyway ypn says :  We’ve been doing some tinkering under the bonnet recently, so some of you may notice a few … Continue reading

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Scoop says the summer is over..

Tweet And I have to aggree, Site traffic going up accross the boards.. I added the below comment to DD blog’s In sept every year I loose 80% of my traffic for almost 3 weeks as my target user take … Continue reading

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wi-fi rabbit :D

TweetHow cool is this rabbit.. News,weather email alert and more.. very cool.. xmas soon 😀 Â Â Â Â Â Â Â

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